Curriculum Vitae

Permanent address: Somoni (Putovski) St., Bld.10 Apt. 19
Dushanbe, 734 001, Tajikistan;
Tel.-fax: (+ 992 372) 27 – 31-39;
Tel.: ( + 992 372) 27-31 – 39 (w); (+ 992 372) 24-52-41 (h),
  mobile: (+ 992 91) 907 80 83 03



Position/Description of Activities

Feb. 2010 –till present

International Alert office in Tajikistan


Senior Advisor

1999 –till present

Public Committee for Democratic Processes

(in 2008 reregistered as Public Development Committee);

(NGO) Tajikistan

Executive Director


Coordination of civic, research and economic development programs

July 2013 –till December 2016

OSI (Soros Foundation), Tajikistan Brunch

Board Chairman

June 2010 –till July 2013

OSI (Soros Foundation), Tajikistan Brunch

Board Member of the OSI (Soros Foundation),Tajikistan


Sept. 2008 – Feb. 2010

Civil Society-State Dialogue Forum Project, GTZ Tajikistan

Project Coordinator


Mach – Dec.06

Kettering Foundation, Dayton OH, USA

Senior Visiting Researcher


Asian Development Bank

Road Rehabilitation Project

Translator/ Interpreter


Tajik Center for Citizenship Education (NGO)

Deputy Director (part time)


UNCHR mission in Tajikistan

Public Relations Assistant/ Interpreter

1995 –1996

Human Rights Watch/ Helsinki mission in Tajikistan

Assistant Representative

1992 –1994

Analytical-Informational Agency “Eurasia” Moscow

Russian Federation


1985 – 1987

Institute of Oriental Studies, Middle East Department, Tajikistan, USSR


1982 –1985

Military service, Soviet Army

Officer-interpreter in the

Syrian Arabic Republic, Damascus




2012 – 2014

University of Basel, Philosophic-Historic Faculty,

Middle Eastern Seminar,

Basel, Switzerland

Doctoral Student (Ph.D in Islamic Studies was received on May 14, 2015)


  1. Collecting materials for the Ph.D research;

  2. Working with scientific supervisor on the thesis;

  3. Submitting the first and final drafts of the thesis to supervisors for their revisal;

  4. Attending courses of related disciplines and getting the required number of credits;

  5. Using University library facilities;

  6. Participation in academic events, seminars, conferences, workshops and discussions;

April- June 2009

Foundation MAISON (Centre international de recherché) Institute of Social Studies, Paris, France


Visiting Researcher, Collecting materials for Ph.D. academic exchange

January – August.1996

Kettering Foundation, Dayton OH, USA

International Fellowship on civic education, public engagement and deliberation


Central European University, Budapest

Short Course on Human Rights





1988 - 1991

Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Science of the USSR

Research Fellowship

1977 – 1982

Tajik State University Oriental Languages Faculty,

Arabic Department

M.A. Diploma




Autumn Semester 2012

Seminar (teaching course) “ Economy of Islam in Soviet Central Asia”

Basel University, Middle Eastern Studies Department


11-12 Feb.2015

Lecture “Introduction into Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice – Conflict Analyses”

Research Group Workshop, Civil Society Capacity Building Project, EU and International Alert



Open Lecture “Challenges and Threats for Tajikistan in 2014”

Institute of Public Policy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan



Open Lecture “Afghanistan after 2014 and Security Challenges for Central Asia”

Institute of Public Policy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


15-17 March, 2013

Lecture “Introduction into Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice – Conflict Analyses”

Mass Media and Conflict Workshop, IWPR/International Alert, Dushanbe



Lecture “Political Islam and Economy in Central Asia: Islamic Movements their Socio-Economic Background and Ideological Aspects”

ZMO Center of Modern Oriental Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany



Lecture/presentation on the Tajik Peace Process; Main Results and Challenges

IWPR Seminar, Dushanbe




Facilitation of Conference :“Access to justice and Judicial Reforms in Tajikistan (Phase two)

Swiss Development Cooperation, Dushanbe office



Facilitation of Conference :“Access to justice and Judicial Reforms in Tajikistan (Phase one)

Swiss Development Cooperation, Dushanbe office



Series of trainings on mediation and facilitation skills

For Economic Development Committees Project, of the PCDP



Series of trainings on conflict resolution and peaceful mediation


For PCDP, IWPR projects


Civic Forums/Round Table

Moderators Training Seminar

Tajik National Issues Forum Project



Teaching course of Arab Language and Culture

Moscow Islamic Center

Time- framework



April-July 2015

Safer World

Study on Labor migration and conflict in Tajikistan


2015 (in the process of completion)


Study on Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan border conflict


November 2014- March 2015

Four analytical reports on 2015 parliamentary elections in Tajikistan

Ebert Foundation, Dushanbe office



Study “ Conflict in GBAO: Military operation of the Tajik Government in GBAO, 2012”



High Commissioner on National Minorities OSCE, Hague

Study “Ethic Minorities in Tajikistan”



Eurasia Foundation, Dushanbe branch

“Islamic Radicalism among Tajik Youth” Study



EUCAM (European Union- Central Asian Monitoring Program)

Member of the international expert group



OSI Tajikistan

Expert Group member


Oct.-Feb. 2009

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Vulnerability Study Mission, National Consultant



Collaborative Learning Study (CDS), Research NGO, Boston, USA

“Tajik Conflict Case Study”




UK Embassy, DFID, Dushanbe

Drivers of Change Study

National Consultant


Oct. 2007

UNDP, Tajikistan

Evaluation of the “Strengthening of Local Governance in Eastern Khatlon”


Aug-Sep. 2007


National Consultant for the UNDP ADR Evaluation Mission on UNDP and Donor Activities in Tajikistan


Jan._Feb . 07

UNDP, Dushanbe, UNDP Bishkek

Evaluator of the UNDP Tajikistan /UNDP Kyrgyzstan, Cross-border cooperation project


Jan. 2006

UN Headquarter Evaluation Mission

Evaluation of the UNDP programs in Tajikistan


Feb. –March 2006

SDC Bishkek, RDD Project

Development of Manual “Conflict Mediators’ Guide”





28-30 June 2015

A Regional Conference of OSF Scholars and Alumni


American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Presentation “Civil Society in Central Asia: Main Features and Further Prospects”


22-24 June 2015

2015 Annual Meeting of Board Chairs of the Open Society Foundations


London, OSI


5 - 6 June 2015

‘Transnational Religious and Ideological Influences in Modern Central and Inner Asia’,

International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden, Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, University of Regensburg, Germany


Presentation: “Islamic reformism in Central Asia- History and Current Dynamics”

27-29 May 2015

Conference “Regional Workshop on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)”

European Union, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Presentation “Religious situation and State-Religion relations in Tajikistan”

26 April-1 May 2015

Conference “Terrorism as a Threat to Global Security”

Harvard Kennedy School

Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies< Harvard University, Boston, MA


Presentation: “The Phenomenon of Religious Radicalism in Contemporary Tajikistan”


Conference “Role of Civil Society in Prevention and Resolution of Violent Conflicts”


International Alert, Bishkek office

Presentation: “ The Case of ‘Isfara – Batken’ Cross-Border Conflict”


Conference “Religious Radicalization and De-radicalization in the Heart of Asia Region

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Kabul

Presentation: The Origins of Religious Radicalism In Central Asian and Tajikistan”


5.12. 2015

Afghanistan Transition and its Neighborhood

Chatham House, Expert Meeting, London



26-27 November 2014

Conference on Corruption and Human Rights violations (Bern, Switzerland)

OSI London, Bern, Switzerland



Round Table/Expert Meeting “Challenges and Opportunities for Central Asia”

Humanitarian Dialogue Center, Geneva, Switzerland




Conference “Social mobilizations and geopolitics in Central Asia”.

“Centre of International Studies and Research (CERI-Sciences Po) and the French Institute for Central Asian Studies (IFEAC) Paris


Presentation “ February Events in "February 1990 riots in Tajikistan - who was behind the scene? Review of main existing versions"


The Media Landscape in Central Asia

Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

The George Washington University



OSI Regional Boards Meetings

Open Society Institution, Istanbul



Conference “New Geopolitics of Peacekeeping Operations: Dialogue with Emerging Powers”

Ebert Foundation (Germany), Astana, Kazakhstan

Presentation “International Norms and Concepts of Peacekeeping Operations and their Adaptation in Central Asian Region”

September 6-7, 2013

The 6th Annual Seminar on Regional Security in Central Asia


OSCE Academy (Bishkek), Genève Center for Security Policy, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Presentation “Russian-Central Asian Relations”

24 June 2013

Expert Round Table “Conflict Ideas Forum”

International Alert, London


March 7-10, 2013

OSI Strategy Coordination Meeting







December 3-6 2012

Central Asian Foundations’ Boards Meeting






Central Asia and Afghanistan in an Evolving Regional Order

University of KIMEP, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute


Presentation: “The dynamics of Western Drawdown in the CA region: Emerging Political and Conflict Trends, Role of the USA”


The 5th GCSP-OSCE Academy-NUPI-NESA-MARSHALL Center Seminar


“Central Asia 2012”

Academy of OSCE in Bishkek



Remembering the start of the Civil War in Tajikistan




Workshop at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek




International Alert Annual Conference




Conference “Afghanistan’s Stability and Regional Security Implications for Central Asia”

NATO Science for peace and Security program, Dushanbe

Presentation: “Afghanistan Situation Development Scenarios”


Conference: “Tajikistan and Europe: A Relationship Build on Security Development”



FRIDE, University of Finland, EUCAM Dushanbe

Presentation: “Status of civil society in Tajikistan, cooperation of Tajik and European civil society and how Europe could possibly help in capacity-building?”


Conference “Oral History in the Middle East and Central Asia”, the Hollings Center


OSI, Istanbul, Turkey


August 25-26, 2011

Understanding Central Asian Islam – Contemporary Perspective of Research


Academy of OSCE, Bishkek


Oct. 1-3, 2010

Conference “Central Asian Cooperation – Role of Civil Society in Formation of Government


OSI, Almaty,

Presentation: “Civil Society in Tajikistan and Central Asia”

Sep.14-17, 2010

3rd GCSP-OSCE Academy-NUPI-NESA Seminar “Central Asia-2010”

GCSP-OSCE Academy-NUPI-NESA, OSCE Academy, Bishkek


June 2-3, 2010

Conference: “Europe and Central Asia& Partners for Global Governance”


CIDOB Barselona, Spain


22-25 Feb,2010

Conference “Into EurAsia: Monitoring the EU-Central Asia Strategy”

EUCAM, SEPS, Brussels


3-7 October 2010

Tajikistan Conference

Oxford University, Exeter University, London

Presentation “National Idea of Independent Tajikistan: Main Aspects and Process of Formation”

24-25 June 09

Conference “Regional Security in Central Asia”

EUCAM, Almaty, Kazakhstan


2-3 March 09

EUCAM Conference “Promoting Regional Cooperation and Development in Central Asia”


Brussels, Belgium

Presentation: “Civil Society and State in Tajikistan”

27-28 February 09

EUCAM (EU- Central Asia Monitoring) Working Group Meeting

Brussels, Belgium


28-29 July 08

CDA - Collaborative Learning Project Workshop “Reflecting on Peace Practice Consultation - Understanding Cumulative Impact”,

CDA, Boston, USA

Presentation of Analytical Report “Tajik Civil War Case”

14 -17 July 08

Conference: “Security Challenges and

Law Enforcement Agencies in CA”



Bonn International Center for Conversion and OSCE Academy in Bishkek

Presentation : “Security Challenges and Power Agencies in Tajikistan”

28-29, May 08

“ Oral History Project in Tajikistan”


OSCE Academy in Bishkek


22- 23 February 08

Round Table “The Future of Islamic Education”




Carnegie Endowment, Public Development Committee Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Presentation: “Brief overview of Islamic Education in post-Soviet Central Asia and Tajikistan”

27-29 January 08

“Islam, Conflicts, Peace Mediation”

Pagwaush Conference on Science and World Affairs


Friedrich Ebert Stifting, Kazan, Russia

Presentation: “Islam in Conflict – the case of the Tajik Civil War”

December 13 - 17 2007

Conference “Central Asian Studies:

History, Politics and Society”



University of Tsukuba University,

University of Tokyo, Stockholm University

University of Cambridge Ibaraki, Japan

Presentation: “Brief Overview: oriental Studies in post-Soviet Tajikistan”

17 – 19 June 07

IWPR Research Meeting in Bishkek

Institute of War and Peace (Great Britain), Bishkek

Presentation: “Post-Soviet mass Media and Expert Community in Central Asia and Tajikistan”

26 Feb. -03 March 07

International Civil Society

Research Meeting,

Kettering Foundation, Dayton, OH, USA


10-17 July 06

DDW-1/2 International Workshop


KF, Dayton, OH


9-11 November 05

Conference: “Stability in Central Asia and Caucasus”

Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan), India, Goa

Presentation: “The Problems of Political Stability in post-conflict Tajikistan”

18-20 June 05

Conference: “Stability in Central Asia and Caucasus”

Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan),

Presentation: “Post-Soviet Central Asia – Main Security Threats”

13-21 April 05

Conference” From Gulf to Central Asia: Security and Cooperation”



National Defense Institute, France, Paris


7-10 July 2001

Conference “On nationality and

Citizenship in post –Communism



Institute of Political


France, Paris

Presentation: “Building of ‘National Idea’ – the Case of Post-Soviet Tajikistan”

May 2000

Central Asia Mass Media seminar


IWPR, Bishkek


11 – 16.10.99

Conference « Islam in Russia and Central Asia»,


Islamic Area Studies University of Tokyo

Presentation: “The Role of Islamic Clergy during the Tajik Civil War”

7-12 April 1999

Civil Society Network Workshop,



Kettering Foundation, Dayton, OH


12-17 July 1998

Civil Society Workshop,

Dayton OH


July 1997

Public Policy Institute’s Conference

Kettering Foundation, Dayton, OH


May 1997

Civic Forums/Round Table

Moderators Training Seminar

Hofstra University, New York


March 1997

Focus Groups Moderators

Training Seminar,


Minneapolis University, USA



July 1996

American Legal Consortium

Training Seminar,


Almaty (Kaz)


June 1994

«Islam and nacionalism shez le l’ex USSR», University Paris -4


University of Paris-4

Presentation: “The Formation of Tajik Soviet Intelligentsia”

March 1994

«Islam in Modern World»

University Paris -8



University of Paris -8, Paris, France

Presentation: “The Phenomenon of Post-Soviet Islam: main Aspects and Dynamics”

10-11 Sep. 1993

Seminar «Political Islam in

Middle East and CIS’ countries

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow

Presentation : “Political Islam in Post-Soviet Tajikistan”



Ph.D thesis (in print process)

“History of the Tajik Civil War”(1992-1997)

Book in print

In Russian

«Civilization of Central Asian Interfluve»

The Rise and Fall of Iranian Civilization of Central Asia

Paper in print

“Soft-power of ISIS and Post-Soviet Countries”


Paper in print

“‘American Dream’ against the ‘Russian World’: the confrontation of American and Russian Soft-powers in post-Soviet Central Asia” in print by the Central Asia and Caucasus Journal



“Tajik-Uzbek Relationship- Development Dynamics and Future Prospects”, Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (in Russian and English translation),



“Ukrainian Lessons for Tajikistan”, Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (in Russian and English translation),



“Tajikistan 2014: Challenges and Risks” , Open Lecture Public Policy Institute, Bishkek, 21.05.2014,



Parviz Mullojanov: Russia –Tajikistan – Complicated Talks and Complicated Relations” (in Russian), IA “REGNUM, Moscow




“Russia gives up Central Asia to China” (in Russian), Informational-Analytical Agency “REGNUM”,



“Parviz Mullojanov: Elites don’t want large-scale changes” (in Russian), IA “REGNUM”, 19.07.10



“Role of External Factors in Keeping balance in the Middle East Region” Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, Materials of International Conference “Cooperation between the EU and the Middle East States: Complex Interaction and Prospects”, Dushanbe 2010



“National Reconciliation process in Afghanistan – Prospects and Development Scenarios”, REGNUM, Moscow, April 22, 2012 (in Russian)



“European Union and Civil Society in Central Asia and Tajikistan” for the Conference “Tajikistan and Europe: A Relationship Build on Security Development”

FRIDE, University of Finland, EUCAM, Dushanbe16-17 May, 2012



“Afghanistan after 2014: Situation Development Scenarios” for the Conference ”Afghanistan’s Stability and Regional Security Implications for Central Asia” 19-21 May, 2012 NATO Science for Peace and Security Program, Dushanbe



“Russia in Central Asia: from “Guarantor of Stability” to the “Factor of Threat”, REGNUM, (in Russian) August 31, 2012 Moscow



“Civil Society Role in the Development of Government Agenda in Tajikistan” for the OSI Civil Society Conference scheduled for October 2-4, 2010, Almaty



“Political Islam in Contemporary Tajikistan” for the


Bishkek, 15-20 Sep.2010


Research Case Study

“Conflict and peace building in Tajikistan”

CDA - Collaborative Learning Project., Boston USA, 2009



“Tajik NGO Sector and Civil Society” for the EUCAM Conference

Regional Security in CA, June 2009, Brussels



“Survey and Chronicle of the Most Important Political Events in Tajikistan in 2008” Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, Luleo, Sweden


Editor of Book

“ Secular- Religious Dialogue”, PD –IV of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Dushanbe


Development of “Conflict Resolution Glossary”

in Tajik language for the University Textbook “ Introduction into Conflict Resolution”, Dushanbe, 2006;

Editor of University Textbook

“ Introduction into Conflict Resolution Theory and Practice”, Ministry of Education of Tajikistan, International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, PD –IV of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Dushanbe, 2006

Manual/Guide book

Development of Manual “ Guide for Mediators” , Project “Regional Dialogue and Development in Fergana Valley”, SDC, NGO Ittifok (Taj) and NGO ITF (Kyr), Bishkek 2006 in Russian



“Tajikistan- Russia Relations – Prospects of Long-Term Development”

Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, Luleo, Sweden, 2007



“Survey and Chronicle of the Most Important Political Events in Tajikistan in 2006” Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, Luleo, Sweden, 2007



“Survey and Chronicle of the Most Important Political Events in Tajikistan in 2005” Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, Luleo, Sweden, 2006



“Perspective of Political Stability in Tajikistan: Myths and Reality” for the Stability in Central Asia and Caucasus International Conference;


“Political Parties’ Building in Tajikistan”, Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, N2(3), 2004 Luleo, Sweden



“Tajikistan between Russia and the West and the East”, Central Asia and Caucasus Journal, N4, 2004, Luleo, Sweden



“Solidarity and Geostrategy Culture: Reasons for International Involvement in Central Asia Region” for collected articles “Culture of Solidarity and Geostartegy Culture», UN University of Peace, 2007



P. Mullojanov, The Islamic Clergy in Tajikistan since the end of the Soviet Union, ed. by Stephane Dudoignon and Komatsu Hisao, Islamic Area Studies, Kegan Paul, London, 2000



“ Economic Development Committees in Tajikistan”, Connections Journal, Kettering Foundation Edition, March 2003, Dayton, OH



“Civil Society and Peacebuilding” Accord Journal, Conciliation Resources, The Tajikistan Peace Process, Ed. Kamolitdin Abdullaev and Catherine Barnes, Issue 10, London, 2001



“ National and Religious Identities in Tajikistan” for the Conference “On Nationality and Citizenship in post –Communism Europe” Institute of Political Studies, 7-10 July 2001, France, Paris



“Traditional Civil Society network in Tajikistan”, Civil Society Workshop, Kettering Foundation, July 1998, Dayton, Ohio; published in Kettering Foundation Review, N4, 1996



“Reflexiens sur quelques effets du passage de generation dans l’intelligentsia contemporaine du Tadjikistan”, Cahiers d’etudes sur la Mediterranee orientale et le monde turco-iranien, 18 (1994); 27 -36



“Tajik Intellectuals Stratum: Stages of Development” for the seminar «Islam et nacionalism shez le l’ex USSR» held by the University Paris -4, June 1994



“Dynamics of Political/Economic Crisis in Tajikistan 1991 -1994” for the seminar «Islam in the Modern World» held by the University Paris -8, Paris, March 1994



“Islam and Politics in Tajikistan”,

‘Maverannahr’ journal, N1, 1992, Moscow, p.15- 21



“Political Aspects of Islam in Tajikistan” for the seminar « Political Islam in Russia and Central Asia» held in September 12- 15, 1993, Moscow, Russia. Institute of Oriental Studies of Academy of Science of Russia, Moscow


  • Languages
  • Farsi-Tajik (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (fluent)
  • Arabic (fluent)
  • French (basic)
  • German (basic)
  • Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Personal Bio
  • Date of birth: July 24, 1960
  • Place of birth: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Citizenship: Tajikistan